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Innovation in Education

If you don’t think things are changing – FAST! – in education take a look at TeamTreehouse, Skillshare, OpenStudy, and a host of other social-infused education startups. We have a couple brewing ourselves at Cospace that you’ll see more of 2012. It makes you wonder what higher education is thinking (or not rethinking) right now:

“Many in higher ed believe the analogy with businesses doesn’t apply to them. They think they have a corner on the credential business and right now a credential is the ticket to most good jobs.”

Jeff Selingo

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Managing your Cap Table from Bootstrap through Round 1

What?!  What’s a cap table?  Well, as the old basketball saying goes, “If you don’t know, you’d better ask somebody.”  It’s VERY important to have one of the key assets of your business — the stock of your company — under control from day one. When you are bootstrapping, stock can be a key to recruiting the talent you need to be successful.

Here are some good resources to consider:

If you need help developing yours, just contact me here. I would be glad to help.



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