Innovation in Education

If you don’t think things are changing – FAST! – in education take a look at TeamTreehouse, Skillshare, OpenStudy, and a host of other social-infused education startups. We have a couple brewing ourselves at Cospace that you’ll see more of 2012. It makes you wonder what higher education is thinking (or not rethinking) right now:

“Many in higher ed believe the analogy with businesses doesn’t apply to them. They think they have a corner on the credential business and right now a credential is the ticket to most good jobs.”

Jeff Selingo

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5 thoughts on “Innovation in Education

  1. Ansa says:

    This is great! I am a big believer in Open Source Education but also know that it presents some challenges. I’m excited to see what’s cooking for this year. Let me know if you need any Cospace folks to test run anything. I’m not around often but I am happy to help out!

    • James Weddle says:

      Thanks Ansa. We definitely could use your help to see if this resonates with entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to take charge of their continuing education. I’ll count you in and thanks!

  2. Arp Laszlo says:

    Hey James – I, like a growing number of people in the US, unschool my children. It’s a form of homeschooling without a set curriculum where the focus is active, child-led learning (ie, they want to know why the sky is blue or about the ancient Greeks and we get off our butts and help them out – basically striking while the iron is hot ;)). I do also believe that the educational system in the US needs a major overhaul and having all these options for self-directed study is brilliant & inspiring. Khan Academy for kids, Skillshare for me. I really think that we are returning back to a pre-compulsory ed time, when people learned as much or more from each other as they did in formal situations. There’s a great opportunity here as well (and yes, I have ideas on this too ;)).

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