People (and relationships) matter

Over the weekend, I came across the following video from the 2011 Conference on Entrepreneurship. On it,  Greg Sands of Sutter Hill Ventures speaks at length with Matthew Monahan of Inflection and Terry Austin of Guardian Analytics.

Besides a rich dialog in and around lean product development, startups, Series A, B, and C financing and what it takes to build teams, all three hit on a common theme: “people matter”.

I agree…people do matter. Be nice. Play nice. Live nice. I would emphasize that relationships are where the magic happens. Take the extra time to build and maintain real ones.

We’re leveraging all of our relationships — business or personal — to get GroupCharger to the next level. Customers, investors, contributors, employees…we have lots of needs coming up and we’re counting on relationships to help us expedite our growth.

Good luck,


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