Let me be Captain Obvious for a moment and predict that the word-of-the-night in tonight’s State of the Union address will be “jobs”. Duh! Great. Got it. Now…where the jobs (good jobs, preferably) come from is another conversation.

We’re not going to bring back manufacturing on a grand scale anytime soon unless the government starts operating off Andrew Liveris of Dow’s playbook for U.S. manufacturing.

It’s not going to be led by government hiring. State governments are broke (they’re cutting back, not hiring) and we all know what happens when the federal government gets carried away with its hiring practices. Let’s not even consider health care since that is seemingly back up-in-the-air.

It’s going to happen from innovation. Solving problems worth solving. It’s going to be boosted by entrepreneurs and small businesses working in environments like we have at Cospace and following lean processes like these. It’s going to happen with incentives to angel investors like the ones at Venture Hacks and Angel List who seed fledgling products and business that achieve product-market fit through lean development and customer discovery.

I’m looking forward to seeing this tonight. I want to see how our President’s leadership at such an important time.



2 thoughts on “Ready-Aim-Jobs!

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