Lean on me

“Lean on me” is more than a great song, it’s my own realization that lean product development / lean startups / customer development is the only way to build great software and great companies today. Some upfront disclosure:
ShareOnce.com launched in July 2009 as a tool to help business networking groups and their members more easily connect and promote themselves to each other. Not a bad idea but, as much as we tried (or thought we were trying), we were not following lean product development. We didn’t have a learning loop. We didn’t have a small team. We didn’t have paying customers from day one. We outsourced everything. As you would guess, that led to a huge waste of time and money.

Yes, we learned a few things, including:

a) big, loosely connected teams don’t work … smaller creates better communication and less waste.

b) unmeasured customer feedback is worse than no feedback at all; in the former, you think you’re getting somewhere, but you’re not.

c) “minimum viable product” means “Minimal. Viable. Product.” DON’T BUILD JUST TO HEAR YOURSELF BUILD!

Here we are 18 months later and we’ve started over with 100% focus on following the lean approach. Thank you Kirtus for your tenacity. Thank you Ash for “Running Lean”!  Thank you Jason for taking on the development of one of our other products!

You’ll see more in the coming weeks and months but this blog, this site, and the problem and solution interviews we are performing represent our dedication to Build > Learn > Measure and other lean principles.

Here is to learning early and often.



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