Unintended Consequences — So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Starting a company is one of the all-time thrills you can have in your life. Nothing beats following your dream and making it happen.

But wait…

DON’T get ahead of yourself. You have to have a lot more going for you than just your idea, timing, luck, skills, cash, customers, and on and on.  You also need to have expertise in some key areas, especially finance and accounting.

Here’s an advanced issue for you.  http://www.entrepreneur.com/magazine/entrepreneursstartupsmagazine/2010/march/205310.html

You’d think it’s pretty straight-forward. Get the right partner or two, start a company, get the right partnering agreements, and let’s get after it.  It’s not.

Unintended  consequences?  Potentially unintended tax obligations.

Life is short. Hire a great accountant (and lawyer and web designer and salesperson and …).



Current Venture: ShareOnce.comDo more business with the people you know.

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