To iPod or not to iPod – 5 reasons to say “Yes”

I have had an iPod Touch for the last 6 weeks and I can’t believe how much it’s helped me from a time management/productivity perspective. Here’s 5 reasons how:

1. Morning email – The first read of email of the day happens on my iPod, over coffee, as the kids are getting ready for the school bus. I find I can more easily scan what’s important and what’s not and, at least, set the first half of my day up re: issues that need my immediate attention. More importantly, I don’t have to disappear into my home office until they leave.

2. Education – I’m now a huge podcast person; Forbes, WSJ Small Business, NPR Planet Money…some GREAT content out there. I plug it in when I walk (45 min) or for a drive to a client appointment or event.

3. Relaxation – Should be 2A; I work my you-know-what off and I especially rely on my creativity and problem solving to win. My brain has to be sharp and I find listening to comedy/satire podcasts like Adam Corolla, Bill Mahr, and even “Old Jews telling Jokes” makes me, at least, smile. Anything to recharge.

4. Design – Yes, to the “delight” of my Design & Dev team at, I’m giving my 2 cents (ok, a quarter…I am the founder!) on what I think it needs to do/say. The iPod and the white board tool I use on it helps keep me inbounds.

5. Feedback – I’ve found over the last 9 months that feedback-feedback-and-more-feedback is the whole enchilada when it comes to product development. Having our design mockups available for short, impromptu “What do you think?” sessions with friends, colleagues, and prospects has 10X improved the amount and relevance of the feedback we’ve received at Nothing beats full A/B testing, UX sessions and the like…when they actually happen. In the meantime, what’s a founder/business owner/designer/family guy/iPod devotee to do?



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