Are you a tool? You ought to be.

If someone calls you a “tool”, don’t necessarily take it that you’re an idiot. Then again… 😉

Seriously, instead of focusing on being a brand, focus on being a tool — something or somebody that:

1. Is easy to understand, use, and implement – Anyone who has walked down any aisle of Home Depot or a kitchen store knows there is likely the right tool for just about any job. That said, if you sell coffee makers, do you want to be the one that requires assembly and a 24 page instructions manual or one that works right out of the box and has a one page instructions insert (with pictures!)?

2. Doesn’t take excessive care – I love my rechargeable, 60-bit drill but every time I need to use it, I have to charge it up (not to mention, it’s on the whimpy-side of the power scale)

3. Is there when I need it – I have something I need to accomplish…I know the tool I need…wait…where is it?  Nothing adds to your frustration more than knowing you have the right tool for the job but where the heck did you (or your kids) put it?

You know you’re the right tool for the job — you’re the one that gets used (in a good way) over and over.

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