Sending photos to Facebook via Email

This post should actually be titled, “Helping People Relieves Your Stress”.  Let me explain, I’m as busy as you-know-what getting investment documents and web app copy/content out the door today (TODAY!). If you have been there on either of those two task deadlines — raising money or building great software — you know they are both spelled S-T-R-E-S-S.

Thankfully, I had a 3 minute diversion waiting for me when I checked my email this morning at 4:10am. I received an email alert from Facebook that simply said, “I need help.”

I had no idea who this guy was or that he would actually be helping me.

Seems this gentleman had been looking long and hard within Facebook to find a way to send photos to his Facebook account from email. He found me in some forum somewhere because I had solved this issue for myself many months ago. The secret to this and solving any other Facebook crisis you may have is to accept these two fundamental truths about the Facebook user experience:

Rule #1 – The Facebook user experience, especially their User Interface (UI), is…umm…horrible (but, I’ll give them credit: it has slowly gotten better since they started listening to their customer this past year or so).

Rule #2 – If you need help with Facebook, never, ever search for it within Facebook; use Google Search (which works even better if you have FireFox with the Twitter Search add-in so you also get real-time results to go with your Google ranked results…that’s a post for another day).

To help this gentleman, I simply searched for “sending photos to facebook via email”, sent him the search results link via a Facebook email post, and voila, I helped someone I never met and who I’ll likely never met.

The win for me?

I instantly felt the enormous stress I was feeling leave my body as soon as I knew I was helping someone. I mean, literally, I felt my headache and general anxiety I was feeling simply melt away. I’m now off to a great day of productivity. Thank you Mr. Anonymous!

Here’s the result in case you’re really interested in Facebook photo management:

Here’s the email of my stress relief tip (help someone and you’re really yourself):

Use Google Search with the Twitter Add-on for Facebook help

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