My answer to “Where are the jobs?”

Here is my response to the CNN Money article that was sent to me from a business networking group on LinkedIn:

Where are the %&@*!# jobs?

Small business and entrepreneurship are the best bet. Because we have lost so many jobs for so long and the only sectors with any kind of job volume are health care and education (both in which are in need of an overhaul), it’s either a massive jobs program by the government and/or a focused effort to support small business and entrepreneurs. By support I mean tax incentives for people who contract them, low-cost insurance programs to give them some runway, easy access to innovation grants (SBIR etc), and active seed and angel networks backed by public money (50/50…if you raise x, we’ll match it). The latter was done with great success in New Mexico and you see it at several incubators/technology development centers around the country these days.

We can also stand to kick our R&D engine up several notches. We should demand/focus/incent/fund our universities and research labs around the country to build small business programs where technology transfer (licensing and i.p.) can happen more easily. Innovation is where the “margins” not just the “jobs” will come from.

Just my opinion but, personally, I am looking forward to a return to “locally owned and operated”. The closer to the customer the decision maker is, the better the product and service.

Also, here is a great example of public/private partnerships from the Austin American Statesman.

Good luck,


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