Business networking groups need to get connected

Business networking groups are one of the most under-connected business segments out there. In fact, we have a new release of our platform that serves business networking groups,, that addresses that fact.

Business networking groups are everywhere — chambers of commerce, trade groups, industry associations, alumni associations and pure networking groups like BNI. However, rarely are they connected from point-to-point (member-to-member). Instead, they most often follow the traditional hub-and-spoke model where they stand-up a portal or website and try to drive traffic to it (online) or host networking events and try to attract participants (offline).

It just doesn’t work that way any more. Opportunities happen all the time, not just at a one hour networking event or at a particular portal or website.

Yes, you need to have a hub to aggregate and filter information and content. However, considering distributed versus centralized:

In today’s digitally connected, mobile and web-based world, where the people in your business network can connect anytime, anywhere, doesn’t it make more sense for business networking groups to take distributed approach to business networking?

Good luck.


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