Taking action sometimes means taking a seat

Initiative, taking action, showing energy, leading — all natural skills for most entrepreneurs. It’s important to make sure people on your team appreciate and embrace performance and nothing is more powerful than seeing the leader of the team doing just that.

But wait…what if you are trying to create a culture of leadership and performance? Will people always have the opportunity to see all that you do so they can model their behavior after you? Will you always have time to lead in every instance or always have your “A” game with you when needed?

No, no and no!

You’re building a team for a reason. To win. To be sustainable so you can keep winning. That’s what we are doing at ShareOnce. We have a team of leaders that all bring something to the table in their area (and more). From product design/development to marketing to sponsor and event services…we have a pretty strong team of talent.

You have to let that talent do what they do. You have to know when to get out of the way and let it happen.

The following excerpt from my interview for the “Personal Brilliance” podcast by Jim Canterucci detailed a recent example of where I took a back seat in the area of product development so a) I could actually get some much needed time off, and b) establish that I truly do believe this is a team of talent where key people in the right roles do make the difference.

Take a listen — click on the “Initiative” tab at Personal Brilliance podcast.

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