Let go! Define the work. Get the talent. Move up.

The quote “…I wouldn’t have the chance to work with the incredible employees and mentors from whom I learned so much.” in Eric Ries’ blog post on Lessons Learned about 10 years of E got me thinking about how important having a great teams are to success as an E.

If you don’t build a team, you’re never going to get to the next level. You’ll follow the e-Myth where you never advance because you are not doing what you do best.

How do you build a great team? We’re answering that question right now at ShareOnce.

Great question with more than one right answer. Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to get started:

  • What am I great at?
  • What work is critical (not nice to have or important but critical) to get the business to the next level?
  • What can I offer to attract the best talent in the market to accomplish that work?

If you let go of the (crazy, selfish, damaging, binding, painful, ignorant (sorry, it just is)) thought that you are the only one on the planet that can do that work, you have the chance to attract them with the right offer. If you get the talent, you have the chance to get to the next level.

Of course, a LOT of other things have to go well but you can’t win if  you don’t have a team with talent.

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