Customer Service (Not So) Live…

For some background, search “AuthorizeNet” on Twitter…you are on Twitter, aren’t you?

I thought it would be interesting to provide a real-world, real-time view of what startups and product launches (and most every other busy business on the planet) goes through. I will be posting on this issue until it is resolved so stay tuned here and here.

My latest venture, ShareOnce, goes live at in approximately 3 hours…with or without Authorize.Net, the world’s leading (or it was as of Wednesday, pre-fire) E-Commerce gateway. I ordered a gateway and merchant account last week and received confirmation on Wednesday, July 1 that it was available for use. Then the fun started…again, see “AuthorizeNet”.

Here’s my response to the salesperson who has been working with me and who have not heard hide nor hair from since Tuesday.

Salesperson-name (I’ll cut him some slack and not call him out specifically on a blog),

With this fire problem and resulting support and PR nightmare, I can’t imagine a worse time a) to work at, b) become a new customer at

My condolences re: a).

Re: b), since I/ are in this category and still not “live”, something has to be done IMMEDIATELY for me to keep my business at Authorize.Net. Besides the major concerns of why a company of your stature would not respond with 24X7 support when millions of dollars are not being processed due to no fault of your current customers, I can only say the whole E-Commerce world is interested in your CEO’s and your organization’s response/actions to this. So far…#EpicFail.

It was a full 24 hours of spinning wheels as to what the issue was on Thur/Friday … time my development team wasted trying to figure out what we we’re doing wrong. And these are not novices — 15-20 years of experience each.  Come to find out…well, I HAVEN’T COME TO FIND OUT YET because your entire support team consisted of one person on Twitter (finally) telling the world essentially, “please be patient.”

In response to my specific issue (is it on our end or your end, is it fire related or internet related, are you really up or just parts of your service up, did my merchant acct go thru or was it it just my gateway acct, …), I had the following “conversation” with’s lone person on Twitter:

(from Twitter)

AuthorizeNet: @JamesWeddle Very sorry. You’re going to have to contact Customer Support for that one on Monday. They’ open at 6AM Pac. time. 877-447-3938. # in reply to JamesWeddle

JamesWeddle: @AuthorizeNet I’m a new customer and we can’t get trxns thru in live mode “Request rejected by FDC omaha – Invalid merchant number” – ideas? # briefly, without much notice, and with a limited team took support calls on Sunday. I had to find out from my developers who just happened to catch a blurb on Twitter or from your site.  I rushed onto a call and after 10 minutes of tail-chasing was told, “Sorry, you’ll have to call Sales on Monday morning.”

Of course, your vmail is clear — email is the best way to reach you. Why not Twitter? Why not mobile? Why not field calls in an emergency? If this isn’t urgent to you, I’m definitely with the wrong gateway/merchant account provider.

Let me know what you can do for me. Today. This morning. Before we launch at 8:00am CST at

Best regards,

James Weddle and the entire ShareOnce Development Team

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