Balancing life and e-life


Hear me now and believe me later: the hardest thing you will do as an entrepreneur is balance your home/personal life (e.g. life!) with your work as an entrepreneur. There are so many positive things about being an entrepreneur:

  • finding/following your passion(s)
  • being creative
  • taking risk (and winning)
  • seeing the results of your hard work
  • the feeling of liberty and independence

…and much more.

The challenge is keeping the intoxicating gas that is entrepreneurship from filling up all the volume in your cylinder that is your life / capacity. Another, more popular analogy: Follow Steven Covey or whoever said it — put the big rocks in first, then the small ones, then the sand. Work-out, take time out for family and friends, start/end your day at a consistent time, keep your e-space (where you do your work/create) in one physical location (you know, an office), eat right, laugh, take a trip that isn’t about business, …all of the good stuff.

If you do, you will be rewarded.

If you don’t, the rewards you are creating will not be worth what it will have done to the rest of your (real) life.


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