To tweet or not to tweet…

Everyone is made differently — some are social, some are not. Some are public, some are private. However, as far as Twitter goes, if you are in business or trying to stay on top of your career, you simply have to use Twitter.

To me, Twitter is a real-time tool for gathering, filtering, and leveraging information, people, and tools. Yes, there are distractions — sometimes fun ones — but you can easily manage those by either not “following” them in the first place or by limiting where you see them (e.g. only send your most valuable “tweeters” to your mobile phone (if you do SMS)). I’ll post another time about my favorite Twitter add-ons, gadgets or utilities.

I use Twitter a variety of ways, depending on the project or purpose. I also have almost ten different Twitter accounts for the businesses, projects, and causes I have going on.

Try it for thirty days. If you don’t think it adds value, it won’t hurt anyone to just shut it down. At the very least, it’ll introduce you to the world of social media.

Life is short. Get to it.


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